Why Having a Financial Plan is Important


October is Financial Planning Month. At Sagicor Life, our goal is for our Family, Friends and Neighbors to get on the road to financial security — having a financial plan is vital in that quest.

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Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020


While no one anticipated these unsettling times, you’ve probably become more aware of the need to safeguard your family and their future. A smart way to protect your loved ones from uncertainty is with life insurance.

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Ready to Retire? Do Not Attempt This Without Working With Your Retirement Planning Team


It’s a challenging economic environment for Americans approaching retirement — it’s more important than ever to have a plan.

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Why Business Owners Should Consider Key Person Life Insurance


If you’ve worked hard to build a successful business, it is important to make sure it is protected. Part of a strategic business plan includes mitigating risks associated with the loss of a key person or employee. 

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National Annuity Awareness Month — Annuities for Retirement Income


In the first part of our annuity series, we discussed how fixed annuities can be a good option to help you grow and protect your retirement savings. Now, let’s review how annuities can help you plan for a lifetime of income security.

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National Annuity Awareness Month — Annuities for Retirement Savings


June is National Annuity Awareness Month! Annuities tend to be a popular choice for people who are actively planning for retirement. Read on to see how annuities may help you grow and protect your retirement savings.

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5 Ways Moms Can Protect What Matters Most In Their Lives


Like most moms, you’ll spend selfless hours doing for others. Now, take a moment to think about yourself — so you can continue to be resilient and feel confident about the years ahead.

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5 Reasons Why Americans Buy Fixed Annuities


If you’re nearing retirement or actively planning for it, you are probably already aware of annuities and the fact that there are many different kinds. Read on to find out why Americans buy fixed annuities in particular.

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Did You Know That Life Insurance Can Offer Benefits for You?


When you think about life insurance, you probably associate it with income replacement or other benefits paid when someone passes on. But life insurance has evolved over the years, and now there are policies that provide other benefits you can use during your lifetime.

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Expedited Life Insurance Processes


In general, people like to get things done quickly, and with as few inconveniences as possible. When it comes to getting life insurance, it isn’t much different. See what solutions Sagicor has in place to expedite your life insurance application processes.

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Why Financial Strength Counts When Choosing a Life Insurance Company


Whether you’re purchasing a life insurance policy to protect your family, or an annuity to increase your retirement savings, the financial strength of the company you choose matters. Here's why.

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Why Buy Term Life Insurance


Protection against unforeseen expenses and the loss of income can help your family maintain their lifestyle or keep your business going during a tough time. That’s where term life insurance can come in.

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Life Insurance for Single Parents


As a single parent, there is not another income available to keep the family afloat should something happen to you... a life insurance policy may just be the thing that keeps your kids going.

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Plan To Pass On An IRA? Think Again


Due to the SECURE Act, the tax benefit of stretching withdrawals over a lifetime has changed for IRAs and traditional retirement account assets inherited after January 1, 2020.

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Quick Retirement Tips for Boomers — Talk With Your Loved Ones And A Licensed Insurance Professional


As your retirement horizon draws near, it’s wise to have a discussion with your children about your future expectations and with a financial professional about how to bring your expectations to fruition.

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Milestones That Trigger The Need For Life Insurance


Life moves quickly. As we go from one milestone to another, our circumstances change — and so do your life insurance needs. Here are a few milestones that could affect your need for coverage and/or warrant a review of your current policy.

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Quick Retirement Tips for Boomers — Be Tax-efficient About Your Legacy


At this point in your life, you could be celebrating the arrival of grandchildren. Be tax-efficient about your retirement because who knows, you may want to help pay for college tuitions or weddings or to help them establish a solid financial footing in life.

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The Importance of Having a Plan for Care


Having a plan for care is a key part of retirement planning because it can protect your savings, your spouse and your children. It can also make your family aware of your wishes if there would come a time when you need care.

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Quick Retirement Tips for Boomers — Consider Unexpected Health-Related Expenses


One of the financial challenges to think about when you’re planning for retirement is the possibility of facing an unexpected health event in the future. It is important to have a plan and share it with spouse, your children and those who are close to you.

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Are Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries Ready for Their Roles?


According to a survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, many beneficiaries are not prepared for the role of receiving life insurance benefits after the passing of a friend or relative...

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Could Your Children Inherit Your Debt?


Chances are, your children will have their own financial concerns as they get older and when you think about the legacy you plan for them, passing on debt probably doesn’t come to mind.

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Quick Retirement Tips for Boomers — Plan for Lifetime Income Security


Retirement could last 20 or more years — especially if you’ve got a family history of longevity. It's important to make sure you’ll have enough income to enjoy your lifestyle for however long your retirement lasts. 

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Quick Retirement Tips for Boomers — Think About Easing Into Retirement


If you’re like many individuals approaching retirement, you’ve probably spent the past 40-something years building your career... rather than abruptly leaving your job at a certain date, think about your options.

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A Different Kind of Resolution


We’ve turned the leaf and closed the book on another year — and another decade! And, you know what that means … with the new year comes, new year’s resolutions!

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What It's All About


When it comes down to it, the holiday season is about enjoying time with your family, friends, and neighbors... that's what it's all about.

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Preparing For Winter


Fall is a beautiful season. It’s a wonderful time when leaves turn a multitude of colors, and the air is crisp with just a hint of the cold that is soon to follow. The changing of the seasons is inevitable, and a good reminder that we, too...should prepare.

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It's About Time


Here is the riddle: ‘What can you take, buy, spend, make, find, manage, measure, and waste, but never stop, change, or recover?’ The answer is...

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2019-09-13_Using a Life Insurance Policy as Collateral for a Small Business Loan

Using a Life Insurance Policy as Collateral for a Small Business Loan


Are you thinking about applying for a small business loan? Using a life insurance policy as collateral for a small business loan could be a good option for you. Read on to learn about "collateral assignment" and how the process works.

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2019-09-09_What is Your Risk Tolerance

What is Your Risk Tolerance?


For most of us, risk tolerance depends on a number factors. When we’re young, we are ready to throw caution to the wind and try anything — no matter how foolish. As we become older and wiser, we tend to be more cautious...but this is a blog about life insurance, so why are we talking about risk?

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2019-09-01_Life Insurance Facts VS Fiction

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month


If you watch the news or have any social media presence, you’ve probably heard the term ‘fake news.’ September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), and while certainly not in the ‘fake news’ category, there are a few myths and misconceptions about life insurance that are easy enough to clear up.

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2019-08-02_Coverage On A Budget

Coverage on a Budget


Life insurance is especially important if you have significant financial obligations....The problem that many of us face is, how do you provide this protection without busting an already tight budget? Term Life Insurance may be the solution.


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2019-07-17_Finding Our Why

Finding Our Why


Children, especially small children, are forever asking why. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat my vegetables?... Why provide life insurance? Because it can be the difference between losing someone you love and losing everything....

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2019-06-13_June is National Annuity Awareness Month

June is National Annuity Awareness Month


If you’re nearing retirement or actively planning for it, you are probably already aware of annuities. Finding the right vehicle for your money is an important part of retirement planning, and annuities are a popular choice.

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2019-05-30_A Graduation Present You Dont Want

A Graduation Present You Don't Want — Student Loan Debt


My oldest son is a senior in high school. Time marches on, whether we are ready or not, and new adventures await. One of these new adventures is getting a college education.

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2019-05-16_5 Factors That Can Influence How Much Youll Pay for a Policy

5 Factors That Can Influence How Much You’ll Pay for a Policy


Life insurance isn’t priced as a one-size-fits-all product, meaning there are several factors — in addition to your age — that will determine just how much you’ll pay for a policy.

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2019-05-02_3 Considerations When Selecting a Life Insurance Company

3 Considerations When Selecting a Life Insurance Company


All too often, a life insurance company is selected based on the competitiveness of its quote. Sure, price is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the only reason for selecting an insurer.

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2019-04-12_When is Converting Your Term Life Policy into a Whole Life Policy a Good Idea

When is Converting Your Term Life Policy into a Whole Life Policy a Good Idea?


If your financial needs change during the course of your term policy, you can have it converted into a whole life policy. The option is available for everyone who owns a Sagicor Sage Term policy.

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2019-03-22_Inflation - Why Saving Isnt Always Enough

Inflation - Why Saving Isnt Always Enough


“A penny saved is a penny earned”—While those may be good words to live by, 56.3 percent of Americans in a recent survey indicated having less than $1,000 in their savings account.

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2019-02-28_What is an Index-Linked Life Insurance Policy

What is an Index-Linked Life Insurance Policy?


If you’re in the market for life insurance, you’ve most likely come across some policies that are described as linked to an index. How do you know if that type of policy is right for you?

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2019-02-12_Are You Considering All Your Retirement Options

Are You Considering All Your Retirement Options?


The golden rule of retirement planning is to save as much as you can, as early as you can. But how can you be certain that you’re considering all your retirement options?

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2019-01-31_Should You Get Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents

Should You Get Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents?


Is life insurance necessary when a parent doesn’t bring home a paycheck?

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2019-01-15_Whats the Number One Reason to Buy Life Insurance

What’s the Number One Reason to Buy Life Insurance?


What’s unique about life insurance is that unlike many other types of insurance such as home and auto, the number one reason to buy life insurance is love.

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2018-01-26_Three Reasons To Start Saving for Retirement Today

3 Reasons To Start Saving for Retirement—Today!


People who start saving for retirement in their 20s are 66% more likely to retire before age 60 compared to those that begin saving in their 30s.

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2018-01-12_Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Financial New Years Resolutions

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions


Abandoned new year resolutions might be the cliché, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless.

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2017-10-13_LIAM5-How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? (Life Insurance Awareness Month: A Late Part 5)


Figuring out your life insurance needs is not as complicated as it might seem.

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2017-09-29_LIAM4-Do You Value Your Car More Than Your Life

Life Insurance Awareness Month – Part 4: Do You Value Your Car More Than Your Life?


79% of Americans have car insurance. 67% of Americans have home insurance. Only 55% of Americans have life insurance.

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2017-09-22_LIAM3-Real Life Stories

Life Insurance Awareness Month – Part 3: Real Life Stories


These stories are powerful, heartfelt testimonials from individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a spouse or parent. They attest to the struggles of not having life insurance, or what having life insurance has meant to them, after the tragedy.

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2017-09-01_LIAM1-The Cost of Ignorance

Life Insurance Awareness Month – Part 1: The Cost of Ignorance


POP QUIZ: How much does a 20-year, $250,000 policy cost a healthy, non-smoking 30-year-old man each month?

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2017-07-25_Information Security 101

Information Security 101


Technology is not the perfect answer to security problems. Information security is more like avoiding potholes than jumping hurdles. Just watch where you step.

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2016-05-17_Why Buy Life Insurance Today

Why Buy Life Insurance Today?


Getting life insurance today will provide peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are financially secure should the unexpected happen.

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2016-05-17_A Guide to Understanding Life Insurance

A Guide to Understanding Life Insurance


Anyone who has a family, supports a household, pays a mortgage or plans to send children to college can alleviate the financial burdens created by their death, if they have life insurance.

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