How to Be a Champion on the Road with Sagicor Drive on Sagicor GO

BY Krystal P Bowen Posted August 12, 2023

Are you tired of being a good driver with no rewards or satisfaction? Well, Sagicor General Insurance is changing this with the bold introduction of the Sagicor Drive feature on Sagicor Go App. 

From September 1, all Sagicor General motor insurance clients are eligible to participate in an exciting initiative which will reward you for your safe driving.h

What is Sagicor Drive Feature? 

Sagicor Drive is more than a tool, it is an immersive experience that transforms safe driving into a game that rewards with monthly prizes and discounts on renewal premium. What is the catch? There is none! The feature like the Sagicor Go App is free to use and better yet, you determine your destiny to become a champion of road safety. No hard braking, no speeding, safe driving, all of it makes you a winner. Who knew that being this good could be so rewarding?

What Is in It for You? 

Sagicor Drive lets you sit behind the driver’s seat of success. The better you drive, the more rewards and benefits you gain. Challenge yourself and friends and track your progress through leader boards. Each month, we will create a new challenge for the natural competitor in you. It also means more badges and lower insurance rates.

So be a champion of safe driving and get started by downloading the Sagicor Go App on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and start using our amazing feature


Remember to Drive Safely. Get Your Reward with Sagicor Drive Today