Suddenly... everything changed.

The idea that what took months or even years to build could be snatched away in hours is daunting, but a reality in our neck of the woods.


We know a lot has changed over the last few weeks. But what hasn't is the need for you to protect your home, vehicle, business and loved ones.

Sagicor has weathered over 180 years of storms, and we will be here to help you through whatever this year brings too.

We advise you to insure your home and its contents. If you are renting you can still protect your valuables with quality contents insurance.

For more information about our Home, Contents, Motor or Business Insurance, contact your Sagicor Advisor or give us a call to discuss/make an appointment at (767) 448-2181. Alternatively, you can email us at

  • Before the Storm

    Sit with each member of your household and design an emergency plan. Prepare the contents of Go Bags, bags that will have the necessities should you need to quickly evacuate your home during the passage of a system

  • During the Storm

    Gather important documents in waterproof containers and place Go bags at the exit point in case you need to leave your home quickly. Make a quick video of the condition of your home as a record.

  • After the Storm

    If your home has sustained damage. Take photos to record the damage. Contact your insurance claims department to start the claims process

  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit (food, water, medication, cash, flashlight, batteries, radio, first aid kit, toiletries, masks, hand sanitizers and important documents).

  • Know your risk. If you live in coastal area, you'll more at risk for storm surge and extreme winds. If you live inland, you'll be more at risk for winds, thunderstorms and flooding.

Sagicor Offers Comprehensive Property Insurance Solutions for You

Home & Contents Insurance

Whether you own your home or rent, you will need insurance for your home and its contents. with Sagicor, you are covered for the following perils - fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft, riot, storm, flood, aircraft (and things falling from aircrafts) and land slippage.

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Motor Insurance

Protect your vehicle against the storm this hurricane season. Call us for a quote today and choose from any one of our flexible motor policies.

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Business Interruption

There are times when your business simply can’t be business as usual. Don’t fret—we can help relieve you of the worry of protecting your earnings for your family and employees, as well as assess your risk.

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