No matter the size or material, Sagicor has property owners covered

August 28, 2020

Roseau, Dominica: Regardless of its size, price or material make-up, every property is at risk of being damaged or destroyed by the passage of a weather system, which is why Sagicor General Insurance Inc (SGI) is urging all property owners to look seriously at insuring their single largest investment as this year’s hurricane season progresses. 

This advice comes on the back of the predictions for the 2020 season, which forecasts a 25 per cent more active hurricane period than has been seen in the Caribbean for the last 69 years. Much of this has been borne out since the start of the hurricane season at the beginning of June. Since that time, the region has seen 13 named storms and with the most recent being Laura and Marco. Given this scenario it appears the predictions are indeed correct, and the season only appears to be ramping up in activity.

“If the experience of the last few years is anything to go by, property owners should take every precaution at this time and put themselves in a position to be able to resume the quality of life they’ve become accustomed to, following any damage or destruction from a hurricane, storm or any adverse natural disaster,” said Keith Herbert, Manager of Sagicor General’s operations in Antigua, Dominica and St Lucia. 

“People tend to think that a wooden structure cannot be insured and that is not true. Whether it’s a structure made of wood with a proper foundation, concrete wall or a combination of both, we at Sagicor General provide a level of coverage that is unmatched by any other company. More importantly, our AM Best A-(Stable) rating gives comfort to the owner that in the unfortunate event their property is damaged, they will be financial able to make repairs or rebuild and return to life before the storm”, he stated. 
Herbert added: “If persons are renting, they may also think that property insurance is not for them, but they may have possessions that will need to be insured in the event of loss. Renters should always seek to safeguard their investments through a home contents insurance policy.”  

To get more information and to get the best coverage for their property, Mr. Herbert urged home owners to reach out to the company’s team of knowledgeable representatives using one of several options, such as placing a call to 1-800-744-7707, visiting our website at, sending an email to or messaging us through SGI’s Instagram and Facebook pages.