Why Sagicor Home Insurance?

  • Fast, reliable claim settlement
  • Financial strength you can rely on in a natural disaster
  • First class hurricane response record
  • Best in class, broad ranging coverage for your home

Our homeowner insurance policy has been designed with you in mind. It provides access to the widest coverage available and has a simple policy contract which is easy to understand Your policy coverage for your building includes but is not limited to:

Standard Cover for building and contents would include:
Fire,  Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood, Impact Damage, Malicious Damage, Escape of Water, Falling Trees, Branches or Utility Pole, Theft or Attempted Theft and Subsidence.

Other Coverages under Contents Section include:
Theft of money or Credit Card
Accidental Damage to Audio and Video Equipment
Replacement of external door locks if keys are stolen
Accidental breakage to mirrors, glass tops of furniture
Alternative Accommodation and loss of rent
Fatal Accident Benefit
Loss of Metered Domestic Water
Accidental Damage

Other Coverages under Buildings Section include:
Accidental Damage to Fixtures & Fittings
Accidental Damage to underground service pipes
Alternative Accommodation and Loss of rent
Replacement of external door locks
Loss of or damage to Title Deeds 
Loss of or damage to Landscaping 
Tear out – cost of repairs to wall, ceiling or buildings to repair damage caused by water
Professional Fees and Removal of Debris

Valuables & Personal Possessions
Worldwide coverage for Loss of or Accidental Damage to valuables and personal possessions

Personal Computers
Cover is in respect of Accidental Damage to Personal Computers.

Liability Insurance Coverage
Coverage is provided to either the homeowner or the occupier/tenant of the building;
Public and Personal Liability 
Court Awards you cannot recover 
Employers Liability for domestic staff
Liability as a tenant

Special Discounts offered.
Should your home be equipped with any of the below you will benefit from a reduced rate:
Hurricane Shutters 
Monitored Alarm Systems
BARP or Senior Citizen
Other Business e.g. house, motor or business
Sagicor Life Customers

Please call your agent or contact us at 1 (767) 448-2181 or getcovered@sagicorgeneral.com for more information about our products! 

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