Sagicor Life COVID 19 Group Health Coverage

Posted March 17, 2020

The Minister of Health and Wellness has announced that Jamaica now has confirmed cases
of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). We are therefore taking this opportunity to inform our clients
about the benefits covered under their Sagicor Health Plan.

1. There are no restrictions on our health plans that are related to coverage during a pandemic,
so you will be able to access benefits for Office Visits, Prescription Drugs and medications
• And show symptoms of this or any other virus, treatment will be covered.
• At home, we do not expect any covered charges to be incurred
• In a government facility, we do not expect any covered charges to be incurred
If you have limits or maximums stated on your Benefit Schedule, they would still be applicable.

2. For those clients who have coverage under the Overseas Emergency Medical Services
(OEMS) Rider:
Medical services and treatment related to COVID-19 are not eligible for coverage, as neither
bacterial nor viral infections are covered conditions.

3. Clients with Group Life benefits are assured that, if a covered team member dies as a result of
contracting COVID-19, the relevant sum insured would be payable, once all the standard
conditions of coverage are met.

4. Those clients with Temporary Total Disability (TTD or Loss of Income) coverage that covers
only conditions resulting from accidents, would not be able to submit eligible claims for time
lost from work due to a COVID-19 diagnosis.

5. You may have a TTD or Loss of Income plan that includes payment for conditions that result
from an illness. The following applies to these plans:
• Benefits are payable under these plans for time lost from work due to a COVID-19
diagnosis once all the other requirements are met (e.g. Waiting Period).
• Where a company closes its offices as a precautionary measure against spreading
the virus, but nobody is displaying symptoms or has received a diagnosis, then no
benefits are payable for any resulting loss of income to individual employees. Where
a diagnosis has been confirmed, benefits may be payable from that point through to
recovery, in line with the Benefit Schedule.

We hope you find this information useful.
For more information, contact our Client Contact Centre at 888-SAGICOR.