What's in the Ultimate Beach Bag

BY The Sagicor Advisor Posted August 13, 2019 In summer

Everybody loves a day at the beach. It’s a chance to feel the sun on your skin, swim leisurely and enjoy a little time out from the world. However, as we’ve all learned the hard way, a well-packed beach bag is vital - so here are our top tips on what you’ll need for a great day on the sand.

SWIMSUIT - If you want to go in the water, make sure you pack the right swimwear. Choose whatever you feel comfortable in and remember, if areas of skin that rarely see the sun are exposed, then you’ll need to make sure you apply sunscreen to those areas.

SUNGLASSES – They can ease the sun’s glare and, as an added bonus, round off a chic beach look. Move over, Victoria Beckham. 

PLENTY OF WATER – This is essential as it’s so easy to become dehydrated in the heat, especially if there’s no shade. So pack plenty of water in a cooler box and make sure you bring some money to buy water if you run out of supplies. Additionally, if you bring a snack, avoid things that will melt like chocolate. Fruit and nuts make good energy boosters instead and they’ll all fit in your cooler box too. 

SUNSCREEN – This is a MUST for all members of the family. Medical experts agree that whatever your skin tone, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is important. Also remember, one application is not enough, especially when you’re in the water or sweating. Even waterproof sun block needs to be reapplied every few hours.

WATER SHOES – These are useful if the beach has rocky areas or underwater coral. Also, if by any chance you do nick your feet, it’s a good idea to have antiseptic cream and waterproof band aids in your bag.

WATERPROOF BAG - It’s a good idea to have a waterproof bag or pouch to protect valuables like your phone from water. Also, while towels may be provided, it never hurts to have a few spare ones. Try to bring a light-weight towel that won’t soak up too much water.

LONG-SLEEVED COVER-UP - You can use this to protect yourself from the sun or if you find yourself feeling cold at the end of the day. It’s always a good idea to have one
to put on if you decide to go into a café or restaurant for lunch, or if there are a few shops near the beach that you want to visit.

BUCKETS AND SPADES - If the kids are with you then you’ll need some toys, and these beach staples are always a hit. A bucket is useful at the end of the day for washing off sandy feet before the journey home.

WET WIPES AND TISSUES – These don’t really need an explanation, do they?! Whether you need to wipe off some sand, clean your hands to eat or if there’s no tissue left in  the bathroom, these are necessary for every beach trip.

HAT – Preferably with a wide brim, as they’re useful for shading your neck and face and stop the delicate skin on your head, from getting burnt.

A GOOD BOOK - If there’s still room in your bag after all that, then how could you forget? Lie back, turn the first page and slip into a wonderful story. What more could you want?