Sagicor Bank Limits In-branch Transactions

April 23, 2020

Via LOOP Jamaica

Sagicor Bank has introduced new banking measures as it continues to monitor the growing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the country and the risk to its operations.

The bank will temporarily stop processing some transactions within its banking halls during this period and urges clients to take advantage of its self-service banking options including Sagicor e-bank – the entity’s convenient online and digital platform – drop box facilities and ABMs.

According to the bank, clients interested in making cash deposits, cheque deposits (US and JMD) and withdrawals less than $50,000, are being asked to do so via the institution’s ABMs or drop box facilities offered at the opened branch locations.

Persons completing requests for opening an account, balance enquiries, account statement(s), cheque book orders, cross-currency transactions, direct advantage requests (including payroll), manager’s cheque, standing orders, stop cheque payments, third party transfers (including wire transfers, ACH and RTGS) and transfers between Sagicor accounts will now be required to do so via the Sagicor Bank online and digital platform – Sagicor e-bank. Credit card payments can be made through all outlined mediums.

“At Sagicor Bank the safety and protection of our team members and clients are our top priority. This measure is another way in which we can limit the number of persons in our banking halls and do our part to help mitigate against the spread of the virus,” Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham, CEO, Sagicor Bank said. “We will continue to provide supplemental products such as hand sanitizers and disinfectants to ensure that persons who must visit our banking halls are protected.”

The bank reminded clients of the closure of its Manor Park branch and encouraged persons to visit other locations between the hours of 9 am and 1.30 pm on Mondays to Fridays to complete applicable transactions.